Fenwick Freshmen Attend Friar Connection Retreat

Students focused on “staying connected to yourself, God and others.”

Members of the Class of 2027 took part in the Friar Connection Retreat this week at the Priory Campus. With the help of the Campus Ministry team and 60 upperclassmen serving as leaders, Fenwick’s youngest students spent the day learning about “staying connected to yourself, God and others during times of change.”

Freshmen learned about their classmates through icebreaker games, outdoor recess activities and Fenwick trivia. Prayers, personal reflections and a celebration of Mass were also included in the day-long class retreat.

Upperclassmen led small group discussions about making the transition to a new school environment. From navigating the school building to finding the right fit for extra-curricular activities, students were given space to share their reflections on the first few months of high school with their peers.

Student leaders also gave witness talks, reflecting on their time as freshmen and encouraging the Class of 2027 to embrace faith as they grow and change over the next four years.

“I learned the value of getting involved,” one junior leader shared of his freshman experience. “Extracurriculars give you common ground and allow you to extend friendships beyond school.”

Another junior encouraged the freshmen not to be afraid to ask for help when they need it: “So many people here want you to succeed.”

Some discussed the Dominican pillar of community as an important aspect of the Fenwick experience. One leader recommended fostering a relationship with God when life gets overwhelming: “When things are changing, it’s important to remember God, friends, family and the Fenwick community are with us every step of the way.”

“Freshmen students navigate so much change in their first semester of high school, it can be a challenging adjustment,” Campus Minister Mary Beth May said. “The Friar Connection retreat gives students a chance to step away from the hustle of the school year to play silly games, have meaningful conversation and pause for prayer and reflection. We hope students leave the day feeling more connected to each other and the Fenwick community.”

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